Pieter Bruegel

Breda in the Netherlands


I think I was a main aspect in the development of Renaissance Art. My naturalistic depictions of Alpine and Netherlands landscape scenes gave new prominence to the subject of large landscapes. Some of my most famous paintings at this time were Netherlandish Proverbs, Battle Between Carnival and Lent, and lots more. For those two paintings have had a very strong impact on Flemish Painting because of it's interpratatio of folkloric traditions. Also my many paintings of peasent life have had people wondering about it because of my response to peasent culture and life. Also what great depiction that I put into my paintings. Two of my most famous paintings that you might know that I painted are The Peasant Dance and The Peasant Wedding.


Antwerp Guild, Saint Luke



Netherlandish Proverbs and the Battle Between Carnival and lent

  • Strong impact on Flemish painting
  • Had it's interpratation of folkloric traditions

Dulle Griet or Mad Meg and The Triumph of Death

  • Religious and political views are identified

The flight into Egypt and The death of the Virgin

  • These paintings are both owned by my two friends

The Wheat Harvast

  • This painting was done in 1565
  • It depicts peasents at labors specific to the seasons and the shifting light and colors of northern landscapes.


Workshop of Pieter Coeck van Aelst

  • Master in the St.Luke's Guild
  • Studied his paintings, training


  • I paint a lot for my job and I also do it as a hobby.
  • Some people also might say I was a draftman.
  • I also love to travel to see others works.
  • My wife is also a big part in my life.