Luther's Bible
Henry VIII
This picture depicts the title page of Martin Luther's German translation of the Bible, finished in1534. He instigated of the Protestant Reformation, Luther believed that the Roman Catholic Church was in need of great Reform. The Protestant Reformation was when some early Protestants were uniting their desire to curtail the authority of the Roman Catholic Church. Once the initial breach in the authority of the Roman Catholic Church was made, it was inevitable that the spirit of questioning would cause further changes within the Protestant movement itself. In Luther's interpretation of Christianity, every believer was his own priest. He also believed they had the power to interpret the Bible and live by his own faith.

This was a very big political impact because when early Protestants were looking for Reform in the Roman Catholic Church it definitely influenced the politics of all the European countries as well as England and Scotland. It also made a huge political impact because when the Church became unstable everything went out of order and they needed to make changes to these countries mostly political changes. This was also a social impact because many peoples lives were changed when they couldn't always rely on the church anymore.
This is a picture of a man who made a big difference in how the Catholic church was run. Well it all started when the pope currently running the Catholic church would not annul Henry VIII marriage. This made him very angry with the Church so his reaction to this was to take the English church from the popes control and put it under Henry's. After making this Act of Supremacy many loyal Catholics refused to accept it and were executed for treason. Henry ordered English convents and monasteries closed because he said they were centers of immorality. He then took their lands and wealth, so he could give some of these lands to nobles and other high-ranking citizens. So this way he could secure their support for his new Church called the Anglican Church. Although he made changes he was not a religious radical because he rejected most Protestant doctrines. Even though he broke away from Rome and allowed the use of the English Bible, he kept most Catholic forms of worship the same.

This was a major social change because it affected many loyal Catholics that were big believers in the church but now because of Henry VIII he change their whole religious beliefs. There were no more convents and monasteries that many people based their whole lives on working for just to have it pulled out from underneath them.