The Reformation
Mona Lisa
Well this picture depicts a small crowd gathering around Martin Luther to watch as he directs the posting of his Ninety-Five Theses. These Ninety-Five Theses protest the practice of the sale of indulgences. He is posting these Theses to the door of the castle of the church in Wittenberg,Germany. In the beginning of the 16th century, the Roman Catholic Church became extremely powerful. People believed that the pope and other religious leaders, influenced by the worldliness of the Renaissance, were not living and conducting Church business in accordance with Church doctrine so that's what caused them to call for reform. Which led to one of the first and strongest voices calling for reform that was Martin Luther and his Ninety-Five Theses. Which started the beginning of the Reformation.

This was definitely a social impact that affected people all over Europe. It affected the Popes and religious leaders because no people were calling for reform in the ways that the church worked. It also gave more say to the people going to the church. It was also somewhat of a economical impact because now people could not pay for indulgences which decreased the income for Popes and religious leaders and less money for the Church to build additions to it.
  • This picture depicts a woman that was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. This picture has been admired for centuries by people all around the world. Leonardo da Vinci was a very famous painter during the Renaissance and one of his most famous paintings was the Mona Lisa. He was also a very well know inventor and scientist whose sketches and discoveries are continuing to inspire scientists today. It is said that this portrait was of a young wife of a Florentine Citizen. She is portrayed with a mysterious smile that has made people think what it means. This painting took about four years to paint and it was painted with oil on wood. This portrait now hangs in the Louvre in Paris.
  • She was painted in the renaissance era.

This was a social impact because this picture has made a big impact on today's art. This is a very famous picture that shows precision and technique on how he made sure the body looked real and proportionate. This was also an economic impact because he made lots of money because of how famous his paintings were getting.