Donatello's David
This is a sculpture depicting a Pietà. Someone that was famous for creating a very famous Pietà was Michelangelo. A Pietà is a representation of the virgin Mary mourning over the body of the dead Christ. He is lying in Mary's lap. This was a German Pietà made in the time period between 1375 to 1400.

A social impact that this makes is that it shows the beliefs of Christians. It shows how important religion was to the people of this time and how important art was during the Renaissance time. They used a lot of art in the Renaissance to show their beliefs and religion.
This sculpture is a picture of David. This sculpture was done by Donatello. He was a very famous artist in the early Renaissance. He worked mainly as a sculptor and was the first to sculpt the free-standing nude since the times of Ancient Greece and Rome. The statue, David, depicts an adolescent David with the severed head of his Biblical foe, Goliath, lying at his feet. Biblical foe, Goliath, lying at Davids feet. This statue looks realistic and the body is anatomically accurate, a general characteristic of most Renaissance art.

This sculpture of David resonates with political meaning. David started to symbolize the Florentine Republic, in conflict with more powerful enemies, yet it still favored was favored by god. This could also be somewhat of a social impact because it is taking a little bit of a different path and using some of the ideas of Ancient Greek and Roman statues.