A Marriage Contract
The Concordat of Worms
It is an illuminated manuscript depicting the laws of marriage. It is a
marriage contract that they used in France. This marriage contract
dates all the way back to the 14th Century. Even back then people
had laws when you got married. This is very similar to having vows
like today even though they might not be the same things on the
contract and the vows that you take today still it is the same concept. It was probably more important back then to who you married as a woman because if you married someone wealthy and that had a good
life it would be better for you. If you married someone poor in life it was likely that you would have a tougher time in life.

This was a very big social impact because like I said who you marry could determine your life whether or not it was good or bad.
The Concordat of Worms was the agreement to end the investiture controversy in A.D. 1122. It ended the long conflict between The Holy Roman Empire and the papacy that started in 1075. The conflict was over the right for laypeople to invest bishops and abbots with the authority of their offices. When they both signed this it meant that only the pope could chose who would serve as bishops and abbots throughout the Holy Roman Empire. Even though it wasn't a total victory for the papacy at least they were able to limit the emperors power.

This is a major political impact because it was a treaty that stopped the fighting between these two places. It changed the whole way the church was operated by only letting the pope choose who would serve as bishops and abbots.